Three Ways to Curl Your Hair: Curling Iron, Wand, Flat Iron

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Nowadays, there are many options for creating curls. This blog discusses three tools you can use to create a range of curls (loose, beachy waves to tighter, fuller curls). These in-depth videos walk you through the process and include some of my favorite tips and tricks for styling.

A curling iron

This is probably the most common way to curl your hair, and it tends to be the tool I reach for first when styling my hair. Since most of you probably have a curling iron in your home, let’s start with the basics of getting curls using this tool.

In this video, I’m using Head Kandy’s 25 mm barrel, similar to a 1-inch curling iron. This does produce tighter curls, so if you are looking for bigger, looser curls, I’d suggest using a larger barrel iron. 

A wand

The following tool you can use is a curling wand. This is similar to a curling iron but does not include the “clip” that holds your hair in place. With this tool, you wrap your hair around the barrel to create the curls.

In this video, I’m using Head Kandy’s Head Turner Wand. I love this one because it is adjustable, which is excellent if you have limited shoulder mobility. It also has a cap that allows you to touch the top of the wand, similar to a curling iron. This is nice for those who are new to using a wand and don’t feel comfortable with the uncapped version yet.

A flat iron

This is the newest method for curling hair. I will say, this one does take a little bit of getting used to, but once you’ve tried it, it’s a fun addition to include in your hairstyling arsenal.

In this video, I’m using Head Kandy’s Miss Priss Flat Iron

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