You're never too old (or too young) to start a new skincare routine!

For me, that skincare routine is Pomifera. I had never heard of this brand until recently, but after seeing some amazing reviews and transformations from my friends, I knew I had to give it a try.
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Pomifera Process

Step 1: Erase

Purifying pre-cleanse: gentle | disolves impurities | hydrates skin

Step 2: Balance

Facial cleanser: cleansing | protects natural moisture | anti-aging

Step 3: Brighten

Vitamin-C serum: improves elasticity | increases collagen | more radiant skin tone

Step 4: Plump

Rejuvinating serum: collagen-stimulating + hydrating | firms & tones skin | reduces fine lines

Step 5: Nourish

Facial moisturizer: plumps skin | helps retain moisture |  anti-aging

Step 6: Pomifera Rose

Anti-aging serum & complete moisturizer: helps retain moisture | anti-aging

What is Pomifera

Pomifera oil comes from an Osage Orange and it has many major healing benefits, which include:

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Like most people, my morning routine is slightly different than my nighttime routine. Want to see what Pomifera products I use and the steps I take?

Here is a side-by-side of my 30-day results using the Danger Danger Game Changer bundle. My skin is more hydrated, my fine lines are less pronounced, and my dark spots have lightened on my forehead! (results may vary)

Check out my Nighttime routine

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