How To Curl Second-Day Hair

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If you’ve ever tried to style second-day hair, you know that it can be a little tricky. Whether it’s dry shampoo or leftover products from the day before, there are some elements you need to factor in when styling.

Here are a few of my favorite styling and curling tips for second-day hair.

1. You don’t have to curl every piece of hair

If you styled your hair the day before, there’s a good chance you already have some ‘curl’ left. Instead of re-curling every piece, focus on curling smaller sections (e.g. every other piece of hair).

I like to start by sectioning my hair into two sections (a top section and a bottom section). I start with the bottom pieces first and randomly select pieces to curl. Then I move my way up to the top and follow the same approach. I like to curl all the strands closest to my face though, as that gives you a more refreshed and finished look.

2. Don’t brush out your curls after they have cooled

Instead, try to pull them apart using your fingertips. This helps to keep more of the original form.

If I brush it out, it tends to look like one giant curl (which is not the look we are going for). I also like to take my fingers, thread them under the bottom of my hair, and ‘shake’ my curls towards the top of my head. This helps to add a little volume without having to tease.

3. Finish with a small amount of product

Once I’m done separating my curls, I like to add a small amount of product – either a little hairspray or texture spray. If your hair or ends seem a little dry, add a little serum as well.

Second-Day Hair Video Tutorial

Want a more in-depth video of how I curl my second-day hair? Then check out the video below.

want my curling iron

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