Shade of the Month (August): Wallflower

This month’s color is Wallflower. Subtle but striking, this pretty peachy nude gives a natural fllushed look that’s perfect for everyday wear. Unlike it’s name, it mixes well with others and is great for buildable wear.

New Releases

Seint released several new products this month, and we are so excited to share them! From a sensory-inspired lip and cheek collection (remember lip smackers?! yea, they smell like that!), to a beautiful yet neutral lip and cheek collection, to new eyeshadow palettes, and even some apparel – this month’s new additions have it all.

Shade of the Month (July): Pink Lemonade

This month’s color is Pink Lemonade, which rings true to its name. It’s a very light shade of pink, which adds a subtle hue to your cheeks and lips. This one is a satin cream, so it does have more of a matte finish. What I love about our cream makeup is  that it can be as light or as bold as you want. Want to go a little bolder? Then simply add another layer.

Three Ways to Curl Your Hair: Curling Iron, Wand, Flat Iron

Nowadays, there are so many ways to create different styles of curls. In this blog, we discuss the three main tools you can use to create curls. These in-depth videos walk you through the whole process and include some of my favorite tips and tricks for styling.

My Favorite Products That Add Volume To Thin, Flat Hair

Don’t let the picture deceive you, my hair is actually pretty flat and thin when I’m not using some of my tried-and-true products. However, with the help of the items I discuss in this blog, you too can achieve a fuller, more voluminous look.