This blog is my little place on the internet where I get to share fun hair tutorials (all my fine-haired ladies, this is the place for you) and every day makeup tips and tricks. I hope you get a little bit of inspiration and have some fun while you’re here.

Thinking about changing up your makeup routine?

Then you came to the right spot. Here I share some of my favorite makeup products and everyday tips and tricks. If you didn’t know by now, I love Seint! I particularly love how effortless it is to glam up for a night on the town or go with a more natural, everyday look while running errands. Whatever you decide, there are so many options. Oh, and did I mention that all your makeup fits in one easy compact?! Yea, you heard that correctly, all your foundation, blush, and eye shadow in one place. Sound too good to be true? Well, check out my makeup page and see what all the hype is about.

hi friend

I’m Ashley! I am a beauty and hair blogger, an obsessed organizer/cleaner, a Bernese lover, a shopaholic (especially when there’s a sale), and professional driver…to my kids sports events.

I’ve always had a passion for hair and makeup and started all of this to inspire and connect with others. I hope you have some fun while you are here…we are going to become best friends real fast!

Looking for some everyday hair inspiration?

Well, I’ve got you, girl! As a former stylist, I use my experience from the salon and add a flare of fun. Hair doesn’t have to be boring, so most of my styles focus on ways to spruce up old classics or put a twist on something new. And don’t worry, I make sure they are things we all can do. I always want the styles I’m creating to be something a non-stylist can do…because I know we all hate it when we can’t recreate that salon look.